Why do we use Windows or Linux?

Why do we use Linux? Is it a matter of choice or for professional reasons to get the job done?

Why do I use both, Windows and Linux?

As a student studying robotics, I need both, Windows and Linux. Let's break this down: I use Windows for many tasks related to being a student and I use Linux for the tasks related to robotics. In some cases, I can choose as the operating system doesn't matter.

What are the advantages to use Windows or Linux?

(explain why is might be good/bad to use either)

What are the disadvantages to use Windows or Linux?

From the security advantage of Linux, we can derive that Windows has the disadvantage that it is more likely to be the target of malware. Besides from the risks of catching a computer virus, Windows is running an anti-virus program in the background that eats some of your computing capacity, whether you like it or not. Another disadvantage is the licensing of Windows. For must users, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, at least for the lifespan of the computer. Unfortunately, there are people out there that need or simply want to swap out their hardware quite often which can easily result in Windows not recognizing your system and requiring a new license key. Though, this is more of a niche issue. Another disadvantage of Windows is that Windows decides when to make updates. Not only the system updates but also the applications that sometimes pop up to tell you that there is an update available. I usually get them after I did not use Windows for a while and then each time I open an application, there is an update. Unfortunately, each program needs to be updated individually. Also, many peripherals need drivers installed which requires to install the drivers first unlike in Linux where many drivers are already included in the Kernel.

Why is Linux not more complicated than Windows?

One thing I often read and hear about is that Linux is complicated to use. The most common response to that is that Windows is not easier, people are just more familiar with it so it is easier for those users that have been working with Windows for a long time already. If those people would have used Linux for a long time before they use Windows for the first time, they would feel that Windows is very complicated.


We can say that there is no right or wrong with neither of both worlds when comparing Windows to Linux. Both operating systems have their pros and cons and their unique features. We can't even say that one is easier or more difficult as they are simply just different and nothing more. The best way to go here is to use what does the job for you. In case that the OS doesn't matter, it is just a matter of preference. I would invite everyone to try Linux, to get a little bit familiar with it, but if it doesn't suit your workflow, don't bother with it any longer. Ideally, one OS should try to learn from the other. Having the advantages of a single and consistent installation and update procedure on Windows would be great and having more software available on Linux would also be awesome. In this situation, a "us versus them" attitude doesn't help anyone.

I am a master student specializing in robotics. I am a Linux enthusiast and I love helping people with my knowledge. I also have a website: davesroboshack.com