Let's talk about Vim!

Vim in the GNOME menu

Vim is a terminal-based modal text editor. What does this mean? "Terminal-based" means it doesn't have a graphical user interface. Hence, it is an application to be used in the terminal. Then, it is a "modal" editor which doesn't mean it consists of modules but it has several operating modes which have different purposes. Lastly, it is a text editor, sou it is used to edit plain text files ranging from simple configuration files to C++ source code. Vim has been developed on top of Vi, the "visual" text editor. Vim stands for"Vi improved". …

My current laptop running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

The family computer

When I was still quite young, my family had one computer with Windows 98 installed which my father occasionally used for work and sometimes used for managing some important parts of a local club he was a member of. My mother never touched the computer as she once accidentally deleted some important documents, and ever since decided (or my father decided for her) that the computer was taboo.

At that time, my elder brother and I knew that it was possible to play games on that computer. …

Why do we use Linux? Is it a matter of choice or for professional reasons to get the job done?

Why do I use both, Windows and Linux?

As a student studying robotics, I need both, Windows and Linux. Let's break this down: I use Windows for many tasks related to being a student and I use Linux for the tasks related to robotics. In some cases, I can choose as the operating system doesn't matter.

For some of my daily student tasks, like writing reports or designing presentations, I usually fall back to Microsoft Office. As I want to do my work quickly and efficiently, I go…

Why matter about a text editor?

Vim is fast and highly customizable

Software is a huge deal for robotics. Though a robot consists of electronics and mechanics, the software is usually where to robot shines as an intelligent system. For this reason, being comfortable with a good text editor can save a lot of time.

So much choice

I have tested many different text editors to find the one and only one editor that I wanted to use for all my work. Of course, I considered the default GNOME editor gedit and the KDE counterpart Kate. Then I also looked at the terminal based editors like nano, Vim and…

Switching to Linux can be a big decision, depending on how you use your computer. Sometimes, you just need Windows for specific applications, and sometimes you need Linux for other applications. Whether you are just curious or you need it for work or a personal project, having both operating systems on one computer can be useful.

In this article, I will explain the steps you need to install Ubuntu 20.04 next to your existing Windows 10 system.

Get your tools

Before you can create an installation media, you first need the right tools to create one. The first thing is to download the…

Dave's RoboShack

I am a master student specializing in robotics. I am a Linux enthusiast and I love helping people with my knowledge. I also have a website: davesroboshack.com

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